As Vehicle Checker cannot monitor and record the interior of the Vehicle completely, Vehicle Surveillance System is used as an apparatus for the recording of images. It monitors activities occurring within and around a vehicle. The security system includes a video camera positioned to monitor activities occurring within said vehicle.
As the vehicle remains moving at all times through a “sterile” area the operator has time to interrogate the image without lengthy disruptions to traffic flow. The system also includes a scene camera, which can be used for viewing and displaying the vehicle number plate and driver, along with the underside image of the vehicle.



  • Easy to use software and installation
  • Fit almost all size of vehicle sedans with no dead corner
  • Do not need park to check. Speed up the inspection procedures
  • Images could be save for compare with
  • Could be zoom out zoom in expand and drop.
  • Car code recognition system is option to integrate
  • Dual monitor is options.