Drop Bar Barriers cannot resist heavy vehicles therefore Ali Brothers introduced Crash Barriers to withstand heavy armed vehicles. It provides resistance against sudden intrusion of any vehicle. It gives more strength and security to your building, which can stop heavy vehicles. These Barriers are available manually and hydraulically. Ram Proof barriers are designed especially for sudden intrusion of any vehicle and where there is a threat of suicide vehicle attack or for the entrances that have high security requirements. Hydraulic Drop bar barriers are designed to stop vehicles with 80km/hr speed and 7500 kg weight or more. It includes

  • Hydraulic / Manual Ram Proof Crash Barriers)
  • Road Barricade
  • Beam Barriers


  • Remote locations
  • Infrequently used points of entry
  • Areas with extreme entryway widths
  • Areas with an intermediate or high threat security level
  • Areas where site excavation for the required installation is not prohibitive