Hesco gabion is made up of a pre-fabricated gabion of galvanized welded-mesh steel fitted with a UV-protected andPolypropylene geo-textile liner.

Features, Application & Use
Filling material is an easily-obtained mix of sand and small stones.

  1. Can be connected together to any length, and can be stacked for additional height.
  2. Primary military use is as force protection against blast and projectiles.
  3. Other military uses include as barriers of all types including:
  4. general walling for sensitive and/or high-value installations,
  5. traffic control points such as check points or border points,
  6. aircraft revetments,
  7. Ammunition and fuel storage Bunding.
  8. Shipped and stored as a flat-pack unit.
  9. Faster to erect than sandbags
  10. 10 men filling and erecting 1,500 sandbags = 7 hours
  11. 2 men + MHE erecting the same size Hesco Barriers wall = 30 minutes


  • Option-I = Size 1M x 1M x 1M
  • Option-II = Size 1.52M x 1.52M x 1.52M
  • Option-III = Size 1.52M x 1.52M x 2.12M